Ball Valves

Ball Valves

2-way ball valves are quick opening valves that offer a tight shutoff. Ball valves consist of a rotary ball, stem, and bore. The ball contains an opening, which is rotated by the valve stem. Ball valves are economical and widely available in various configurations.

Advantages of Ball Valves

  • Low costs
  • Faster shut-off with its quarter-turn valve
  • Tight shutoff with reliable sealing capabilities
  • Low-pressure drop when opened
  • Withstand high temperatures, pressures, and chemicals
  • Easy to spot the open or closed state due to the position of the handle

When To Use Ball Valves

1. Used for high flow capacity, in low-pressure applications

2-way ball valves have high flow capacity, with low-pressure drop when opened. This prevents water hammer (hydraulic shock). They are not suitable for regulating flow except in some specialized ball valves like high-pressure ball valves.

2. Need a faster opening or closing speed, with a tight seal

Ball valves only require a quarter-turn (90° turn) to allow or block the flow of the medium. The openings of 2-way ball valves can be positioned in a fully open or fully closed position. When fully closed, they offer a tight shutoff, with reliable sealing capabilities.

3. Require more than 2 ports

A ball valve can have 2 to 4 ports (2-way, 3-way, or 4-way ball valves).

Reliable Leak-Free Ball Valves in Singapore

Lian Ee Hydraulics is an established hydraulics brand in Singapore for the past 30 years. We carry a large inventory of ball valves for reliable leak-free connection solutions. Browse our inventory below.
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