Tube Fitting
Tube Fitting

24° Tube Fittings are surely among the most commonly used and established industrial tube connector systems worldwide. They are regarded as the universal standard for fluid power applications in markets that use the metric system,such as Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Even in regions that traditionally used or still use the imperial measurement system (such as Australia or Northern America) 24° tube fittings are gaining more and more acceptance due to the ongoing metrification and specifications by globally operating OEMs. 24° Tube Fittings are specified in the ISO 8434-1 and DIN 2353 standards.

At least one tube connection end of the fitting body is characterized by a 24° conical bore (shape W according to DIN 3861), which serves as a metallic sealing surface, while the other end of the body is available with a variety of different connection types, such as male and female threaded or weld studs. Various shapes (e.g. straight fittings, elbows, tees, crosses etc.) and designs (e.g. unions, studs, bulkheads or adjustable fittings) are available.

The portfolio consists of the Extra-Light (LL) Series as defined in the DIN 2353 standard as well as the Light Series (L) and the Heavy Series (S) as defined in the ISO 8434-1 standard, which differ from each other in particular with regards to their dimensions and pressure ratings.

Main Advantages of the 24° Tube Fitting System
  1. 24° Tube Fittings can be quickly and easily field-assembled and even re-assembled with just a couple of standard wrenches and no requirement for hours of expensive staff training or special tube treatment. Under regular conditions, subsequent retightening of 24° Tube Fittings is not necessary.
  1. Most types of 24° Tube Fittings are available and suitable for light, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy wall tubing with outside diameters ranging from 4 to 42 mm, which allows optimum dimensioning of pipework circuits and saves material cost.
  1. The 24° Tube Fitting System is available in the Extra-Light (LL), the Light (L) and the Heavy (S) Series and provides suitable components with regards to sufficient pressure ratings and maximum leak-tightness up to nominal pressures of 800 bar (depending on series, type and size of the component – pressure reduction factors to be considered) for literally each application.
  1. Thanks to their optimised inner contour and design, 24° Tube Fittings offer ideal flow rates and therefore guarantee best performance without the excessive generation of vibrations, noise or heat.
  1. 24° Tube Fittings are small and compact in design compared to other systems, which makes them perfect for applications with space considerations.
  1. The recommended material raise in front of the first edge of the cutting ring after the assembly is clearly visible to tube fitters and inspectors and makes it easy to check and confirm the correct assembly of 24° Tube Fittings.
  1. On-site piping with 24° Tube Fittings is very efficient and offers maximum flexibility for tube fitters as the exact required tube length can be easily checked in advance by just trying out.
  1. 24° Tube Fittings are easy to combine with other tube fitting systems – even hoses can be connected without difficulties.